Friday, 6 August 2010

Website rewrites - latest news

Well I have now finished the rewrite of Mark's website and implemented it. No major problems reported so far! It needs a few more photographs but otherwise we're quite pleased with it. Now that it's written in HTML I'm hoping that, subject to my learning the necessary technical skills, it should be easier to update and enhance than the previous incarnation which was created using Publisher.

And so I turn to the rewrite of my site. Over the years it has accumulated many pages. To convert them all is daunting and a Herculean task. I have decided (well, almost!) that I am going to rewrite the core pages;  delete the rest and start afresh. I did think about simply leaving the old pages there but with all the links from and between those pages that would turn into a nightmare. So they are going! Looking at the stats provided by my wesite host most of these pages are rarely viewed so I hope that they won't be badly missed.

I am taking the site that I have created for Mark as my starting point so that will save a lot of hard work but even so it still takes ages cutting and pasting and formatting... but the anticipation of a shiny new site drives me on! Have a look at Mark's website and let me know of any way that you think we could improve it or content that you would like to see.

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