Sunday, 1 August 2010


Last weekend I lead a workshop with the title "Watch out, habits about". Here are a few thoughts about habits:
  • Habits are neither good or bad - they're just habits. At some point whatever we are doing had some benefit to us or helped us in some way - even if it's not obvious how!
  • A habit may no longer be useful to us and it may even be unhelpful now.
  • We are usually unaware of our own habits.
  • Other people's habits are much easier to see!
  • A habit usually involves a compromise of some sort. If the habit no longer confers any benefit then we may be paying dearly for it.
  • Our habits dictate our actions and our actions re-enforce our habits.
  • We can't forceably change a habit. We have to become aware of it and understand it and then let it go.
  • Don't replace the old habits for new ones; or take on someone else's habits; or rely on someone else's authority - find out the truth for yourself.
  • Examining our habits can be difficult and there may be resistance to looking at them particularly where our identity is tied up with them.
  • Habits exist in body, breath and mind.

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